Sister Margaret Anthony Busted In Miami

Posted Jun 5, 2009 by KJ Mullins
When a homeless man with an icepick started a disturbance outside Miami's Missionaries of Charity Shelter police came to deal with the problem. Sister Margaret Anthony was on the case also as she got between the man and the police to calm the man down.
The police say that the Florida nun was causing obstruction of justice and acting in a disorderly manner. She was arrested Monday for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice after she refused to move out of the way to allow police to do their jobs.
The sister sprang into action as the police were holding the man at gun point. When the police told the crowd to back away Sister Margaret Anthony moved to place herself between the police and her homeless friend.
According to Just News the sister was belligerent and defiant to the police. Those who know the woman say she was trying to help a person she knew avoid jail time.
"She is very passionate about what she does, and she's very protective. We don't believe that this was a situation where she was trying to be anything more than protective. Unfortunately, she stepped over the boundary of just being protective to actual interfering," Delrish Moss of the Miami Police Department said.
The sister was not jailed. There is no set court date for her case.