Octomom Signs Reality TV, Autobiography Book Deals

Posted May 31, 2009 by Chris V. Thangham
The mother of octuplets and six other children has signed a deal with a British production company for a reality TV series based on her and her family. "Octo-Mom," as she is known, has also finalized a deal with a writer to pen her autobiography.
Nadya Suleman, mother of 14 children has signed the deal with Eyeworks, a British production company. Eyeworks will soon begin to film a reality TV series based on Suleman and her 14 children.
The reality TV series will be aired in the United Kingdom first, and then in the U.S. once TV stations pay for the series.
Jeff Czech, Suleman's attorney, made this announcement to People magazine.
The reality show will follow Suleman and family on selected hours rather than having cameramen inside the house 24 hours a day like other reality TV shows like Jon and Kate Gosselin’s show. They will only document select milestones, such as birthdays and other events.
Czech told People:
"Nadya knows she has to do something...But she doesn't want the constant filming because she feels that would be taking advantage of her kids. She's trying to find the middle ground and feels this approach will work best."
Suleman told People she is excited about the reality TV series.
According to Czech, Suleman considers the Jon and Kate Gosselin’s show boring.
Suleman also finalized a book deal with ghostwriter Wendy Lee, who wrote Life with My Sister Madonna with Christopher Ciccone, to pen her autobiography.
Czech said his client is more excited about the book deal than any other projects.
"She's really looking forward to telling her story and speaking out about how she was raised, how her children are feeling, what they are asking about and things about the donor dad."
Would you watch Octo-Mom's reality show or read her autobiography?