What’s in a Name? Ask Residents Living on Butt Hole Road

Posted May 27, 2009 by M Dee Dubroff
The unfortunate residents of Butt Hole Road have finally had enough. The name of the road has been changed to protect the butts and other body parts of those who now live on the more dignified but less interesting Archer Way. Read on for details.
According to new sources, the street formerly known as Butt Hole Road, which houses four homes in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire,England, has now been renamed Archer Way. The name derives from a communal water butt on the site that had been used centuries ago long before the word took on its… er…modern connotation. Residents have long tired of being the butt of jokes told by those who believe they are the first to have thought the word “funny.”
Over the years, the situation really got too much too bear (bare?). Pranksters would visit the street and bare their bottoms for photographs while legitimate deliveries were often delayed because many firms refused to believe that any street could have a name like that. In the words of Elizabeth Brennan, 77, who uses the street for access to her home:
"It was a bit tedious having the street laughed at all the time. The new name is much nicer."
Resident, Peter Sutton admits that he originally thought the street name was fun, but that he soon got tired of the endless tirade of jokes. The street’s name has made it sort of a “celebrity spot on the map” that is particularly popular with Americans. Tour buses would make detours so that passengers could see the sign for themselves. This occurred after a photograph of the street sign appeared on the Internet.
For the cost of £300 (about 600 dollars) Butt Hole Road is Archer Way, and it is hoped that it will soon be known for the 930-year-old castle that is about half a mile up the road.
Perhaps the residents of that castle knew of Butt Hole Road as a friendly place with a communal water source. Then again, perhaps they shunned connections with non-royal, local body parts in favor of their own. Whatever be the case, it is unlikely that tour buses will continue to go out of the way to show tourists the Archer Way street sign.
That’s some progress for butt holes everywhere, no?
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