Wind farm may have killed Taiwanese goats

Posted May 21, 2009 by Bob Ewing
A farmer claims he has lost more than 400 animals after eight giant wind turbines were installed close to his grazing land.
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wind farm located in Wayland, NY
Debra Myers
The Taiwanese Ministry of Agriculture says it suspects that noise may have caused the goats' demise through lack of sleep.
The power company, Taipower, has offered to pay for part of the costs of relocating and building a new farmhouse.
The cause of the goats' deaths still needs to be investigated, but the company doubts the goats died from the noise.
"One night I went out to the farmhouse and the goats were all standing up; they weren't sleeping,"
Kuo Jing-shan said
The wind farm was installed approximately four years ago and prior to installation Kuo Jing-shan had about 700 goats.
It was soon after the turbines began operation that the animals started to die. He now has just 250 goats left.
"The goats looked skinny and they weren't eating. One night I went out to the farmhouse and the goats were all standing up; they weren't sleeping.
"I didn't know why. If I had known, I would've done something to stop the dying," he told the BBC's Cindy Sui in Taiwan.
A local livestock inspector from the agriculture ministry said Kuo was the only farmer to have reported such large-scale deaths; however, his farm is closest to the wind turbines.
"Abnormal noises could affect the normal growth and feeding intake of animals and cause them to suffer sleep deprivation," Lu Ming-tseng said.
The power company had offered to help him move but that there would be no compensation for the loss of his goats.
"It's a pain to relocate, but what can I do. I can't survive with the wind turbines," he said.