Serbia Open 2009 promoting tennis as one of the Serbian brands Special

Posted May 20, 2009 by Marko Andrejic
Feedback from all the people who have seen Serbia Open alive was very positive, which means that we have successfully passed this exam and that brings us another obligation for next year to be even better and maybe to set up the tournament into series 500
Serbia Open 2009
Miss Hostess
Marko Andrejic
Goran Djokovic was one of the most wanted men during the first ATP tournament in Serbia. Director of the Serbia Open 2009 he had to manage the whole organizing team, be a good host, to participate in all events, talk to media and – probably he got many new friends recently – to have an extra ticket for everyone who wanted to see the world top class of tennis professionals. We wanted to hear his impressions, first results and plans for following years.
How did you see the first ATP tournament in Serbia, from the point of view of main organizer? Are you satisfied with the way everything worked on?
- This was a great challenge, to organize the first Serbian ATP tournament, but it was a satisfaction also. We brought the tournament to Belgrade thanks to Novak’s charisma and we made efforts to fulfill all the conditions that organizing of the ATP 250 tournament includes. We gave our best to complete all works in time and to organize tournament that many of the leading ATP organizers could be jealous of. We are proud that all of our ideas have come true and we are grateful to friends and sponsors who believed in us and supported our work!
How much time, money and efforts were required to organize this top event?
ATP Serbia Open 2009
Novak Djokovic - the Winner
Marko Andrejic
- We have started with adopting of Sports Center „Milan Gale Muškatirović“ at the end of January and finished in late April. Works on the courts in one of the most attractive locations in Belgrade, have done at all levels and they passed several monitoring of ATP controllers. The special drainage of the courts was done, we acquired the best clay from Cremon, seats from St. Moritz. During the works, as well as during the tournament, hundreds of people were engaged – hostesses, security, medical teams, coaches, staff from the hotel Holiday Inn, ball kids. Volunteers from Megatrend university were with us and they were very helpful indeed.
What are the comments from ATP people, players and guests?
- More than 100,000 citizens visited us in recent days, and they had the opportunity to enjoy numerous activities in the promo-village, aside tennis matches. Players, media, ATP representatives were situated in the Hotel Holiday Inn, we have organized two hospitality desks with staff that was available at any time for all their wishes: from city tour to massage. According to Novak’s experiences from other tournaments, we have organized players’ lounge - with top conditions for taking rest and refreshing after matches. We had our sponsors with us who had their stands in promo-village, and so this tournament put together sport, entertainment and business.
What was the best part of the Serbia Open and what should be fixed or developed more for the next year?
- Feedback from all the people who have seen Serbia Open alive was very positive, which means that we have successfully passed this exam, and that brings us another obligation for next year to be even better and maybe to try to set up the tournament into series 500.
ATP Serbia Open 2009
ATP 250 Tournament
Marko Andrejic
Stadiums were quite empty in first days but as weekend was coming closer it was getting better and better. Are you satisfied with the final number of visitors?
- We want citizens to get used to come and watch the top tennis, world class players, and we need some time for that. When we talk about visitors, through the tennis complex MGM, in past nine days, we had more than 100,000 people who enjoyed matches, but also had some fun, took part in promotions, contests, playing virtual tennis... There were many shops with sports equipment and authentic Serbian souvenirs, outdoor cinema, Carlsberg stand for party lovers. For all of them, we offered a free entrance during the last three days of tournament because we wanted people to have fun, relax and spend nice time.
What are the plans for next year? Will you try to get Series 500 and do you intend to bring more players from the top 20 to Belgrade clay?
- We like to say that preparation for the next ATP tournament starts on May 11 already, and we have a whole year for everything to be on the top level, to bring the world class names led by Novak, Janko, Viktor, Nenad. It is always the most difficult to do the first time, but our great efforts paid off. The idea is to promote tennis as one of the Serbian brands and to present ourselves as good hosts and promoters of our country!