Chinese Innovation: Massage Chair Made From Scrap

Posted Apr 30, 2009 by M Dee Dubroff
Lin Shuseng, 78, is a retired mechanic from Beijing, whose years of working in a car repair shop have paid off in “green” ways heretofore unexpected. He has made a massage chair purely out of scrap. Read on for more amazing details.
According to news sources, the massage chair constructed purely from scrap materials took eight years to construct. The idea to build it came from Lin Shuseng, who was seeking a way to ease the pain of his wife’s stiff limbs. Originally, Lin’s idea was for a neck massage, but soon developed into a chair that would provide a full body massage.
In his own words:
“I go mountain walking every day, while my wife cannot do it because of her painful joints.”
The chair is still not in its final stage as Lin is always thinking up new functions to add to it. He recently placed an electric pot under the chair, which keeps the seat warm (for those winter excursions).
For a look at Lin’s unique chair, go to the link provided above.
Well, kudos to you, Lin for making lemonade from lemons (or at least something like that).