Attorney General Eric Holder meets British Intelligence

Posted Apr 27, 2009 by Billie Boggs
Attorney General Eric Holder began his European tour on Sunday. In London, he met with officials to discuss anti-terrorism strategies.
Eric Holder
Eric Holder, US Attorney General.
US Dept. of Justice
During the first stop on his European tour, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder met with British Officials. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss terrorism and intelligence.
However, his visit did not begin there. He arrived on Sunday. The U.S. Attorney General and his staff took a tour of one of the most popular tourist sites in London. The tour consisted of a visit to the Tower of London, also known as the Bloody Tower. It gained its present name because of the numerous murderous deeds, which took place in the dark rooms. Some of the most notorious murders of London parliament took place within those walls, including Edward V, Henry Percy, Arch Bishop Cranmer and the sons of Elizabeth Woodville. Holder was very interested in the history of the tower and quietly listened to the stories of palace intrigue, murder and its notorious reputation.
After his Sunday tour, Holder met with officials privately to discuss terrorism and intelligence on Monday. Holder’s historic and official visit began with a variety of closed meetings. After a meet and greet at the U.S. embassy, Holder met with officials at “M15”, the British government’s intelligence. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss counter-terrorism and to share intelligence.
Later in the day, Holder met with Justice Secretary Jack Straw. This meeting was in regards to “The CIA’s willful Ignorance on Harsh Interrogations”
The Attorney General has a tough decision he is faced with. It is up to him to decide to if the Bush Administration officials should be prosecuted for the approval of questionable interrogation techniques when interrogating terrorist suspects. Many critics have called these methods torture. It is up to Holder to completely evacuate the U.S. Military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The Obama administration is working whole-heartedly on reaching the January deadline of closing the infamous detention center. The most important issue now is to discuss which prisoners to place on trail and which should be release to the U.S. and other countries as well. The first step is to discover which detainees will be freed. It is a difficult scenario to say the least.
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