U.S. Border Patrol Corruption Cases on the Rise

Posted Apr 24, 2009 by B. Thomas Cooper
As security tightens along the porous US border with Mexico, authorities are seeing an alarming increase of corruption and bribery cases among US Border Patrol agents.
US Border with Mexico
A portion of the US Border with Mexico.
B. Thomas Cooper
Fourteen Border agents have been arrested on corruption charges so far this year, adding to the twenty-one arrests of officers during fiscal 2008. This represents a substantial increase over previous years, and appears to be the result of ramped up efforts by Mexican drug cartels to evade border security.
Most of the violations seem to center around bribery charges, as drug cartels brazenly use money and sex to influence officers. Eighty-four officers have been arrested since 2004, resulting in 62 convictions. The Department of Homeland Security has also reported an increase in corruption cases.
Border security has become a hot-button issue as of late, resulting in more walls, more cameras and more violence along the border the US shares with its neighbor Mexico. In recent weeks, drug cartel violence has flared throughout much of Mexico leaving scores dead.
On April 19th, in what Mexico City police described as “a well planned attack” as many as twenty gunmen shot and killed eight law officers in an attempt to free a cartel member being held by local police.