Is Dan Brown's next conspiracy book about the Freemasons?

Posted Apr 22, 2009 by Adriana Stuijt
Dan Brown latest book ‘The Lost Symbol’ is said to be full of conspiracy theories - and Jews always feature in worldwide conspiracies, warns Esquire magazine's arts critic. However, the plot remains a secret until its publication on September 15...
Brown, who lives in New England in the United States, is giving no interviews and his publisher will only say that his familiar character Robert Langdon, the protaganist in his previous books the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons will also appear in The Lost Symbol.
Rumours are rife in the publishing world that The Lost Symbol could be about Freemasons. Its scheduled release in the United States and Canada by Doubleday has been set for September 15, 2009. They obviously expect another cash-register success: one can not only pre-order from the first printing of 5-million copies, but it's also being made available as an abridged audio CD, unabridged audio CD, abridged audio-book download, an unabridged audio-book download and a hardcover. Here
"It's a good time to be a conspiracy theorist," commented critic Stephen Marche in Esquire about the latest Dan Brown fiction book.
"(This will be)... the latest installment of the conspiracy-themed global franchise spawned by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. While Da Vinci starred Opus Dei, a Catholic organization whose secret, unstated mission is to suppress the knowledge that Jesus had kids with Mary Magdalene, "Angels and Demons" takes on the Illuminati, a secular secret society that supposedly exists to impose Enlightenment on the world against its will."
"As far as Brown and his readers are concerned, it doesn't matter what purpose any given secret society serves — religion or atheism, the church or its opposite — just so long as there's a conspiracy. The hunger that Brown's books feed is not a hatred of one group or another but the fantasy that someone, whoever it may be, is running the show from behind the scenes..." he concludes.
Pure fiction:
Brown is however a pure fiction writer, not an historian. Robert Langdon is a fictional character. Angels and Demons is also based on a fiction based on a secret group which originated in Bavaria. The Illuminati fiction however was created by the Tsarist-era secret police's propaganda fabrications against the Jews in Russia, and this fiction was used as an excuse to carry out anti-Jewish progroms by the Soviet-era KGB. The Nazis in Germany also used the Illuminati myths to justify its genocide of the Jews of Europe during its armed occupation until 1945. Many current conspiracy-theorists often also still centre around these Illuminati fabrications.
Despite the fact that it is based on a fictional scenario, the Vatican may nevertheless decide to even boycott the movie Angels and Demons . Judging from previous attempts to intervene in the success of both the book and the movie the Da Vinci Code, these attempts by the Vatican may also be doomed to fail.
Dan Brown's popularity among his readers meanwhile, continues to soar.
The rumor circulating about Brown's next book, putatively titled 'The Solomon Key' but now renamed to The Lost Symbol, is that it's about the Freemasons, Marche writes in Esquire magazine.
Publisher Random House is giving nothing away about the plot, and Brown himself is giving no interviews, he's in seclusion in his New England home. see
The pre-publicity blurb on Random House's website does say that the Lost Symbol's first printing will be 5-million copies, and that it will once again feature the protagonist character, Robert Langdon. Brown’s longtime editor, Jason Kaufman, Vice President and Executive Editor at Doubleday said the following about it on its website:
"Nothing ever is as it first appears in a Dan Brown novel. This book’s narrative takes place in a twelve-hour period, and from the first page, Dan’s readers will feel the thrill of discovery as they follow Robert Langdon through a masterful and unexpected new landscape. The Lost Symbol is full of surprises."
No help there then...
Despite all the pre-publicity flak; or perhaps because of it relating to the old adage that 'there's no bad publicity, there's only publicity' - Dan Brown’s popularity continues to grow. The film of his book The Da Vinci Code was a top box office smash when it was released by Columbia Pictures in May 2006 with Ron Howard directing and Tom Hanks starring as Robert Langdon. Box office receipts were $758 million.
And the same team will also release the movie of Dan Brown's book "Angels and Demons" theatrically worldwide on May 15, 2009, despite objections from the Vatican about the book, which Catholic clerics are criticising just as much as they did the Da Vinci Code.
This fiction book sold 81-million copies worldwide, and was about a Catholic Church cover-up of evidence that Jesus had fathered offspring.
Red meat to conspiracy theorists...could be harmful to Jews:
"The culture that Brown encourages is “nothing to celebrate,” said David Klinghoffer in Beliefnet.
"Throwing red meat to conspiracy theorists could be particularly harmful to Jews. Brown’s books always involve conspiracy theories, and “in conspiracy culture, Jews traditionally have figured as the spider at the center of the web,” he writes.
However, there's simply no point in speculating about The Lost Symbol's plot, said critic Ben Hoyle in Britain's The Times.
"The details are likely to remain fiercely guarded until shortly before the Sept. 15 publication date,' he believes.
He concludes: "... Remember — Brown’s “books have antagonized Christian groups” in the past, but their “protests” were “drowned out by record-breaking sales.”
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