Why are Teens Smoking Smarties Candies?

Posted Apr 13, 2009 by Bob Ewing
A number of YouTube videos indicate this is not a new trend, however, some parents and health authorities are concerned about teens smoking smarties.
Smarties candy
Smarties candy
The video that accompanies this story was posted on August 14, 2008 which as trends go is not new. What has happened is that parents and health authorities have seen the video because the mainstream media finally caught up with the Internet.
The concerns that are being expressed are one, that it glorifies smoking and two that smoking smarties can lead to chronic conditions such as smokers' cough, infections and choking.
The danger rests in the possibility that the person could accidentally inhale the fine powder down the wrong pipe. Sugar sitting in the lungs or nasal cavity for an extended period of time could cause an infection.
Smarties have also been snorted. I'd be more concerned about the snorting behaviour than the smoking one.
Mark Shikowitz is a Long Island ear nose and throat specialist. . Shikowitz treated a 9-year-old who had pieces of candy lodged in his nose. The candy eventually dissolved.
Why do teens do this, well, perhaps they are seeking that viral video that will take them to instant Internet fame,as short lived as it maybe. Perhaps they watched a video that showed them how or perhaps they saw the news which gave this trend considerable coverage or maybe they are just imitating morn or dad or that older sibling who smokes.
Teenagers will experiment and YouTube and cell phone have given them the tools to film and broadcast those experiments. A suggestion to parents, the mainstream media and health authorities check out YouTube more often, you may be surprised what people are doing.