Fugitive Foreign Legionnaire Arrested after Two Day Chase

Posted Apr 9, 2009 by Christopher Szabo
Radio Netherlands and news agencies report UN troops have arrested a French Foreign legionnaire believed guilty of four murders.
Armoured Car of the Foreign Legion
Armoured Car of the Foreign Legion
Kepi Blanc
Following a two-day manhunt involving EU and UN troops and Chadian police guided by helicopters, Chadian gendarmes near the eastern town of Abeche arrested the man as he was trying to get water, the French news agency AFP said. The soldier, identified as a 27-year-old man from French Guyana, killed two comrades originally from Romania and Ghana as well as a Togolese soldier serving with UN peacekeeping forces.
French Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Francois-Marie Gougeon told the media: ”We can confirm that he was arrested in the Abeche region."
The region is near the Chad border with Sudan and houses some 450 000 refugees from recent fighting in Sudan’s Darfur province.