No surprise, Wii on the rise, PlayStation2 price drops

Posted Mar 31, 2009 by Shaun Conlin
As reported at the Game Developers Conference, Nintendo's Wii sales are up and the PlayStation2 price is down. The PlayStation3 price didn't budge.
A Nintendo character fond of money
During his keynote address at the recent Game Developers Conference, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed that shipments of the company's Wii system have surpassed 50 million units worldwide while the Nintendo DS handheld family topped more than 100 million.
At 50 million system in just over two years since it first came to market, Wii is the fastest shipping (and presumed to be selling) console in history.
At 100 million units, the Nintendo DS (available in three successive iterations), is the second best selling game system currently on the market, or third behind 118 million units of the discontinued Game Boy line.
Not to be outdone, Sony president and CEO Jack Tretton announced that the most popular game system of all time, the 136 million selling PlayStation2 (PS2), has been reduced in price by $30 and is now available for a scant $99 USD, $109 Cdn.
However, as anticipated "big announcements" go, Sony's PS2 price cut was little consolation to those pining for news about a PlayStation3 price cut... which never came.