British Singer Robbie Williams Rejoining Old Band

Posted Mar 29, 2009 by Leo Reyes
Robbie Williams, England's most popular pop singer and songwriter is moving back to England from Los Angeles where he spent most of his time, to rejoin his former band after 14 years.
Robbie Williams
British Singer & Songwriter Robbie Williams
British pop singer Robbie Williams is set to rejoin his former band mates in their popular ‘Take That’ band
The popular pop star who left the group 14 years ago to pursue his solo career said he has made up with his former band mates.
He said he had healed the rift with Gary Barlow and the rest of the group. ‘I’m in regular contact with them, even Gary, and it’s making more likely by the week. The lads all seem up to it and some people thinks it’s a done deal. I think it would be fun’.
Daily Telegraph reports:
Williams assured fans that the feud which followed his 1995 departure from Take That was over.
He said: "We've matured now. We'd have a laugh."
Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald split in 1996 but re-formed in 2005 and have since sold six million albums.
Speaking at the opening of the musical We Will Rock You in Manchester, Williams suggested that a reunion could
take place within months
Robbie Williams is a British award-winning singer-songwriter. He was born in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom on February 13, 1974.
The popular singer left his band Take That, as a dancer-singer in 1995 to go solo. He later became very successful as a solo artist. He has sold more albums in the UK than any other artist to date which was recorded at 55 million worldwide He is currently the best selling artist in Latin America, with over three million sold.
Robbie Williams, who until early this year spent most of his time in Los Angeles, California, is reported to have accumulated a fortune of close to 100 million pounds