Medical marijuana permit holders may get more rules in Canada

Posted Mar 26, 2009 by KJ Mullins
If you are a medical marijuana permit holder in Ontario here's your heads up, you may not be allowed to toke away wherever you desire.
Smoking Weed
A man exhales weed smoke while enjoying a joint
Photo by Chmee2
Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is asking the House of Commons to put it in writing where medical tokers are permitted to light up a joint.
Lately the federal government has been pressured to put it the legal rules around medical marijuana in writing.
The current rules came into force in 2001 with the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations doesn't have a location policy. The only rule at the moment is like cigarettes, medical marijuana is not allowed to be smoked in an enclosed public place.
New regulations are being worked on but there is no deadline for those rules. Health Canada officials will be in charge of drawing up the regulations and then presenting them to the health minister. The Health Minister will have the final word.
There are about 2,800 people in Canada will medical marijuana permits.