Six previously unknown works of William Shakespeare discovered

Posted Mar 18, 2009 by Chris V. Thangham
A British academic claims he has discovered six previously unknown works of William Shakespeare. He has published the new works in his new book.
Dr. John Casson claims to have unearthed works by William Shakespeare from the archives of aristocrat Sir Henry Neville. He says he discovered Shakespeare’s first published poem (the Phaeton sonnet), his first comedy (Mucedorus), and his first tragedies (Locrine and Arden of Faversham).
Dr. Casson told the Telegraph he spent more than three years researching the life and letters of Sir Henry Neville, who is considered to be one of the authors to have actually written Shakespeare’s plays. He has found enough evidence to tie it to other Shakespeare works.
Dr. Casson has published his findings in his new book, “Enter Pursued by a Bear.” He told the Telegraph:
"Some people have said, 'we don't know if this is by William Shakespeare', so I've been able to study them and say 'yes, here's the evidence for Shakespeare but here's also the evidence for Neville,' so I've been able to link the two."
In his research, he found enough proof to tie those works to Shakespeare. He thinks Shakespeare wrote his earlier poems and plays anonymously in the early 1590s. He believes Shakespeare couldn’t have written Henry IV and Henry VI without having the experience in those previously written works.
"It is inconceivable, however, that his first plays were the massive trilogy of Henry VI. Writers develop over time from simpler beginnings."
Dr. Casson made this announcement in Manchester’s John Rylands Library, which holds the first folios of Shakespeare’s play dated 1623, and an edition of the Bard’s sonnets from 1609.
Dr. Casson discovered an earlier sketch of the Falstaff character, which also appears in Henry IV parts 1 and 2, and the Merry Wives of Windsor. Dr. Casson said Shakespeare created the Falstaff character 10 years before he wrote the Henry IV plays.
The book is available for sale at the Amazon store.