Blogger says Monsanto aggressively monopolozing seed business

Posted Mar 7, 2009 by Chris V. Thangham
Monsanto is well known in the farming world for its genetically modified (GMO) seeds. Stories often crop up in the media about the company urging farmers to use its products. If they don't, it's more difficult for them to farm.
In a democracy, a farmer should have the right to use any seed of their choice. But in a world with Monsanto, that is increasingly more difficult, as the company is reportedly urging farmers to use Monstanto-only products.
According to blogger Linn Cohen-Cole, Monsanto allegedly uses the following methods to get farmers to stick with Monsanto products:
1.) Monsanto has purchased most of the seed companies across the U.S. Midwest, making it difficult for farmers to purchase anything other than a Monsanto product
2.) With the help of legislators, they have written Monsanto seed laws, making the cleaning, collecting and storing of seeds extremely cumbersome.
3.) Monsanto is allegedly helping pushing anti-democracy laws that will remove community control over counties, so farmers or citizens can’t block anyone from planting GMO seeds, even if they contaminate other crops. See where these laws have been passed in the U.S.
4.) Monsanto has incorporated some FDA regulations that make farmers' seed-cleaning equipment illegal because it's a “source of seed contamination.” Most farmers cannot afford to have separate cleaning equipment for each type of seed.
5.) Monsanto is picking up seed cleaners across the U.S. Midwest, making it impossible for farmers to use their own seeds. Many farmers have no choice but to buy GMO crops from Monsanto for the first year and pay royalties for the remaining years.
Linn said Monsanto has sued more than 1,500 farmers whose fields have been contaminated by GMO crops.
One Indian native, Vandana Shiva, is fighting Monsanto with a “Seed Satyagraha,” a non-violent movement similar to the Salt-Satyagraha employed by India’s Mahatma Gandhi to fight the salt tax law that imposed taxes on salt by their British rulers. She is trying to break Monsanto’s monopoly laws and has received more than one million signatures from farmers.