Cocaine Hidden But No Longer With Rain In Spain

Posted Mar 7, 2009 by M Dee Dubroff
If that old song about the rain in Spain lying mainly on the plain had something to say about diction and protocol, one man went even further when he tried to get through customs sporting a leg cast made entirely of cocaine! Read on but…watch out.
According to news sources, authorities in Madrid, Spain, arrested a 66 year-old passenger who arrived in a wheelchair wearing a leg cast made entirely of cocaine at the airport in Barcelona! The man was on a flight that that had originated in Santiago, Chile, and in addition to the nearly 5 kilograms of cocaine (11 pounds), the police also confiscated six cans of beer and two folding stools found in his luggage.
Authorities believe the man broke his leg on purpose to avoid the suspicion of custom officials, who before this happened probably thought they had really seen just about everything.
Spain has become the primary entry point for cocaine into the European continent and also the largest consumer of the drug in the European Union.
The rain and not cocaine should reign mainly on the plain (or something like that).