Stylist cost £40,000 to accompany Jennifer Aniston on Euro tour

Posted Mar 4, 2009 by Chris V. Thangham
Actress Jennifer Aniston is currently in Europe promoting her new movie “Marley & Me.” Reports say Aniston has dished out £40,000 ($56,000 USD) to maintain her hairstyle for the promotional trip.
Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Day in  Horrible Bosses
Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Day in 'Horrible Bosses'
Warner Bros.
Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson star in the movie Marley & Me and both are currently visiting France, England and other European countries to promote this movie.
Aniston has taken her hairdresser Chris McMillan along with her on a week-long trip to Europe, according to the Daily Mail.
According to reports, McMillan flew with Aniston from Los Angeles to London in first class last week, costing £14,400 ($20,300 USD). His stay cost another £10,000 ($14,100 USD) . In addition, he charged Aniston up to £1,500 ($2,100) a day, totaling £10,500 ($14,800 USD). For his Paris trip, he was paid another £4,000 ($5,600 USD). Altogether it cost £38,900 ($54,800) for this trip.
In an interview with “Elle” magazine, Aniston told them that she loves to have a natural look.
"I tried Botox once and it was really not good for me...I felt like I had a weight on my head."