U.K. prisoners spending more time on Facebook

Posted Mar 3, 2009 by Chris V. Thangham
In the United Kingdom, it appears more and more prisoners are doing time on Facebook while serving their term in prisons.
Kilmainham Gaol Prison in Dublin
Kilmainham Gaol Prison in Dublin
Photo by rabble
More prisoners are sharing conversations with family and friends via Facebook, even sending photos of themselves inside prison.
Ross Ajilo, 19, who is in jail for assaulting an unconscious man, wrote in his Facebook account:
"Incarceration ain't workin. Am lockd up bt ma soul's on da streets lerkin!!...Raka's got bullets that will rip through ya ribs."
Another prisoner, Paul David Cooper, 27, wrote the following message:
"How the f*** did I get sunburnt in jail ha ha."
Ashley Graham, who is in jail for stabbing a man, said Facebook is a relaxing place. He said Facebook is "a place where men can come for a nice relaxin break from their moanin women and crying kids. No stress just rest."
The UK Prison Service told the Sun newspaper about these Facebook claims:
"Prisoners do not have access to the Internet, except under exceptional and controlled circumstances. It is a criminal offense to bring mobile phones into prison--we take this extremely seriously."
Since many mobile phones have Internet connectivity, the prisoners are able to send updates to Facebook and other sites. If uncontrolled the prisoners can do any business from within the prisons. There are already Facebook groups for Mafia leaders.