Naked man dies after being tasered by police

Posted Mar 2, 2009 by Chris V. Thangham
A Houston man died after he was tasered by police. The man was found naked and the officers said he resisted and struggled, so they had to taser him.
The Houston police department received a call that a man was trying to commit suicide. When they approached his home, he was resisting others and not responding to family members. He was not wearing any clothing.
Police tried to control him, but were unable to so they tasered him. The man fell down immediately. He was not breathing and didn’t have a pulse according to the paramedics.
They took him to a Conroe hospital in Houston where he later died. The Southeast Texas Forensic Center will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, Texas Rangers and the District Attorney’s Office will investigate this taser incident.
According to police department records, the officers used Tasers more than 1,724 times between December 2004 and May 2008, out of which the internal affairs have investigated 69 incidents.
Critics complain that officers often use tasers on victims who have not committed crimes.
This is one of many incidents in which officers have tasered a naked man.