Op-Ed: The Wolverine hosted 2009 Oscars

Posted Feb 23, 2009 by John Auriada
Hugh Jackman hosted the 81st Academy Awards ceremony. The Oscars was a success in spite of some cutbacks. Hugh Jackman will star in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men Origin: Wolverine
The 2008 sexiest man alive hosted the 81st Academy Awards, Hugh Jackman is not only famous for his portrayal of the comic super human character with indestructible metal alloy claws and skeleton, but he is also known for being one of the most versatile actor in Hollywood. Jackman is also known for his singing and dancing ability: he performed for The Boy From Oz, Australia's first musical to reach Broadway. He is also an acclaimed international superstar for his roles in mega blockbuster films such as X-Men series, Van Helsing, Australia and many more.
Jackman was born in Sydney, New South Wales, the youngest of five children of English parents Chris Jackman and Grace Watson, and the second of his siblings to be born in Australia. Jackman played Gaston in the local Walt Disney production of Beauty and the Beast and Joe Gillis in Sunset Boulevard. During his stage musical career in Melbourne, he starred in the 1998 Midsumma festival cabaret production Summa Cabaret. - Wikipedia
Hugh Jackman first time hosting of the Oscars seemed fair enough for some observers and critics. They ranked him as a natural to fair to host the prestigious event, yet he drew a standing ovation from the crowd when he sang, danced and cracked some jokes during and prior to his opening number.
“Due to cutbacks, the Academy said they didn’t have enough money for an opening number,” Jackman declared. “I’m going to do one anyway.”
His hosting ability for me was impressive but for some he’s not that good technically. I don’t care what ever they say during the Oscars, but one thing for sure, they will praise him to his upcoming movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.