Suspected Killer of Chandra Levy Identified

Posted Feb 21, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
The Levys have been on television recently talking about the death of their daughter. They declare that for parents whose children are murdered the grief is lifelong. But while they still mourn, they may finally learn who killed their daughter Chandra.
The Levys maintain that the police have enough evidence to convict a suspect in the death of Chandra who disappeared in May of 2001 and whose remains were found a year later in the Washington DC suburb where she had lived..
When Police Chief Charles Ramsey found Chandra's remains and they were identified, this allowed Susan and Robert Levy to have some resolution in at least their daughter's body had been found. The Levys and Chandra's brother, Adam, were said to be very emotional when learned the remains of Chandra had been found as they had worried and wondered about the disappearance for months. After reviewing investigative reports, Chief Ramsey declared, "The medical examiner's investigation into the manner and cause of death is still pending."The Levys live in Modesto, California.
A sidebar of the case was the affair Levy was said to have had with Re. Gary Condit, D-California who ended up leaving California and moving to Arizona after denying any involvement with Cassandra's disappearance. The publicity surrounding the case was said to have destroyed his career.
A man by the name of Ingmar Duandique, a Salvadoran immigrant, is to be arrested, according to reports, and charged with Levy's murder. He is presently serving a 10-year jail term for attacks on two women joggers shortly after Chandra disappeared from Rock Creek Park where the joggers had been attacked.
Levy had interned with the U.S. Bureau of prisons and had just completed her assignment with that agency when she vanished. She was 24 years old at the time.