Perfect mammoth skeleton found in US

Posted Feb 21, 2009 by Richard van der Draay
An interesting find was made by scientists in the United States. Remains of an American mammoth have been found near the city of Los Angeles it was reported.
- file photo
- file photo
The mammoth is believed to have perished during the last ice age. The skeleton is in very good condition.
The remains were uncovered near a building site where a parking garage is being constructed. The American research team of the Page Museum had named the mammoth ‘Zed’.
The find was made near to the La Brea Tar Pits in central Los Angeles. Scientists describe the find as highly significant even though the area in question is rich in fossils.
The mammoth would have died around its fortieth year according to scientists.
The skeleton’s bones have been buried under the ground for approximately forty thousand years.
Shelley Cox, spokesperson for the research team told Reuters press agency that the mammoth is enormous when compared to other specimens from its age. Cox said that it is a remarkable find because the skeleton is almost intact.
The American mammoth was a species of elephant that survived the ice age for the longest period of time.