North Queensland suffers from reported Dengue fever

Posted Feb 14, 2009 by Bodhisattva Banerji
As the reports show that a third strain of dengue fever has emerged in north Queensland. Some more reports from other sources say that the outbreak could claim no less than 400 lives in the coming days.
As the reports say, a third strain of dengue fever has emerged in northern part of Queensland. More cases of deaths are most likely in the coming days as stated by the reports. Queensland Health reportedly stated a few days back that the dengue outbreak in Cairns would reach 400 in the coming days. It had been pointed out that with five to ten new cases on each day the outbreak could result in a huge number of casualties. However, in a further frightening report, it has been pointed out that the matter got more complicated with the emergence of dengue type two in Cairns.
Detailed reports show that presently three strains of the mosquito-borne virus continues to circulate in the northern part. The Cairns, it has been reported, records at least 337 cases of type two and three dengue. The Townsville as well, reportedly, recorded 55 cases of dengue type three and one. For controlling the situation the health experts sent a mosquito control team to Thursday Island this week. The possibility of the disease getting spread remained a possible option since people were in a habit to travel to and from the island to Cairns or even Townsville.
As the reports suggest that the last recorded Queensland fatality from dengue fever was a woman, aged 40 years from Thursday Island in way back February 2004. Interestingly, that death was reportedly the first major case from Dengue in about 100 years. Ms. Jeffrey Hanna, the medical director, Queensland Health tropical, reportedly stated that there were fears that the virus could spread to Thursday Island.