Saudi Princess supports lifting ban on female drivers

Posted Feb 10, 2009 by Chris V. Thangham
A Saudi Princess wants the driving ban on women lifted so she and other women can drive freely within the country. In Saudi Arabia, woman must have a man drive the car, and it has to be a male relative or a hired driver.
Princess Amira al-Taweel, wife of Prince Alwalleed bin Talal, wants to drive in Saudi Arabia freely. Prince Alwalleed is the nephew of Saudi ruler, King Abdullah. King Abdullah is world’s 13th-richest man according to Forbes.
Princess al-Taweel has an international driving license and told the Daily Mail she drives whenever she is abroad, and also wants to drive in Saudi Arabia. She and other women in Saudi Arabia hope the ban will be lifted.
Women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia because the clerics believe it will create a “sinful temptation.”
Women in Saudi Arabia have been banned from driving since the country was formed in 1932, but the government may lift the ban by the end of the year according to the Daily Mail. And if the ban is lifted, the rulers might impose restrictions on women. The ultra-conservative leaders may still protest lifting the ban entirely.
Princess al-Taweel told the Daily Mail, "'I prefer driving a car with my sister or friend next to me instead of being with a driver who is not (related to me)."