Student Accuses Mother of Torture

Posted Feb 10, 2009 by M Dee Dubroff
A student dialed police and claimed his mother psychologically tortured him because she asked him to take a bath once a week, tidy up his room and help with the rent!! Read on, but only if you are clean and fairly neat.
According to news sources, Warsaw police rushed to rescue Polish student, Lukasz Zapalowski 22, after he dialed the emergency number (999) claiming to be a victim of torture. They were not impressed to discover that the boy’s definition of torture was being forced to clean up his room, take a bath and help out with the rent!
They were furious and are looking to prosecute themselves for the colossal waste of time that might have cost the life of someone confronting a true emergency.
Now the student who doesn’t care to bathe may soon find out what the word, torture, really means!
Go figure.