Scientologist Proclaims 9/11 Attacks Result of Psychiatry

Posted Feb 8, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
From time to time Scientology is in the news. Controversy just might heat up again because of recent comments by a leader in the Scientology movement.
National Guard at Site of 9/11 Attack
This shows National Guard members helping at the site of the World Trade Towers bombing that took place on 9/11 that Scientologists believe was sparked because of psychiatry and its effect on Osama bin Laden through a doctor, al-Zawahiri
Andrea Booher, FEMA
This Scientologist maintains that psychiatry is to blame for the attack on the World Trade Towers.
Dave Figueroa, president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (founded by the Church of Scientology), gave a unique statement about how psychiatry is to blame for 9/11 in a video from Xenu TV.
Scientologists maintain a original source
is also here, however sources used by an author who has done some original work uncovering the claim about 9/11 and psychiatry, suggests this one as a more reputable one.
Figueroa declares that something sinister like psychiatry took over Osama bin Laden’s mind so that he could mastermind the attack. The original author, from which the Village Voice obtained the story, relates the fact that Scientologists are making claims about psychiatry and its involvement in the bombing of the World Trade Towers as part of a pattern that has been going on for some time.
Here is a quote from that clip:
"To take a person who's very religious,and turn them into a killing machine against their will... you need something behind that, you need something fairly powerful. And psychiatrists employ drugs and conditioning techniques in order to change people from what they normally would be into killing machines. And the terrorist factions that we hear about on TV, behind those individual acts of mayhem, you find psychiatrists, psychologists, and their drugs."
The important thing about Ayman al-Zawahiri, believed to be bin Laden’s chief lieutenant, says Figuero, is that "he's a psychiatrist." He maintains this in spite of the fact that there is no information that al-Zawahiri has that type of certification in medicine; what is known is that he is a doctor. Figueroa maintains that al-Zawahiri has bin Laden on certain drugs that folks just don’t know about, then adds, “we know that there was a real change in that guy’s attitude.”
This recent diatribe against psychiatry hearkens back to the debate between Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer on the Today Show in 2005 where Scientology’s position about psychiatry was pronounced by Cruise in what was discussed as a somewhat testy way. During an original meeting between the two Cruise maintained he has great suspicion about psychiatry and is against the use of drugs like antidepressants to treat people. In mid December while Cruise was making the rounds publicizing his new movie Valkyrie, he appeared on the Today Show and admitted that his interview with Lauer in 2005 sounded arrogant, and he wanted to apologize for it.
Cruise is one of a number of Hollywood stars who are Scientologists including John Travolta, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, the former wife and daughter of Elvis Presley. In the second interview with Lauer, Cruise did not continue his heated debate but does maintain his church’s position against psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. Travolta underlined in 2008 his belief that the media in 2005 judged Tom Cruise and the whole matter unfairly. Lisa Marie Presley[ came to Travolta’s defense when Travolta’s son Jett died and the father was accused of not giving his son the right attention because people believed Jett to be autistic.
This newest piece of news is likely to put Scientology back in the news where discussion about its beliefs about psychiatry and medical practice are likely to continue