Polish Hostage Beheaded, Claims Taliban

Posted Feb 7, 2009 by KJ Mullins
Reports are saying that Piotr Stanczak was killed by his Taliban kidnappers on Friday. The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk stated that Warsaw had been notified informally that the man was beheaded.
Taliban chief Maulana-fazlluah
Taliban chief Maulana-fazlluah
The Taliban is now requesting money to return the body of Stanczak.
Stanczak was kidnapped at gun point on September 28 while visiting one of his company's sites in north-west Pakistan. During the attack Stanczak's bodyguard, driver and translator were killed.
The BBC reports:
"From Pakistan we have an informal confirmation that this tragedy in fact took place," Mr Tusk told Poland's TVN24 news channel.
"We have used all political, operational, logistical means to prevent this tragedy," he said.
Stanczak, a Polish engineer, was being used to demand the release a number of militants that are in the hands of the government.