Op-Ed: Couple Needs Loan to Clone Cat

Posted Jan 31, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
Just over the wire a few days ago was the announcement that a rich couple from Florida had their dog cloned. For $138,000 they were able to get their dog that had died of cancer cloned.
Man and Sleeping Cat
Neither of these creatures appears to have any problem sleeping. Mandy the cat is all curled up and sleeping sound on the couch with her favorite person. Neither need pills to sleep well it seems.
Carol Forsloff
In fact the clone was so good, the couple said it looked just like the dog that died. Well, my cat is well; but just in case she runs out in traffic, escapes the house or chokes on a chain, I want to make sure I have more than one Mandy. So I decided to find about the dog cloning so I’ll have a plan and ask for your help.
Reportedly, this couple Edgar and Nina Otto took DNA samples of their dog Sir Lancelot and to prepare to have him cloned. When the dog died a year ago, the Ottos paid BioArts International to create Lancelot Encore. He was born 10 weeks ago in South Korea and is the record-holder for dogs in his category as the first commercially-cloned pup in the United States.
When the Ottos greeted Lancelot Encore they were so thrilled, it was said, that they just got right down on the floor in the middle of the airport and played with him. They also declared he looked just like the original Lancelot.
The first animal reported cloned was Dolly the sheep in 1997. She died in 2003 because she had developed a lung disease.
A questionnaire with the story about the dog asks whether or not the reader would like to have his or her pet cloned, so this is my response. Certainly, I would. Does the pet have to have a terminal illness first or can a person decide at any time? If the latter is possible, take my cat Mandy for some DNA. She has eight lives to go since she’s careful, but when that’s up we’ll have a replacement already in the hopper, no waiting. Mandy is smaller than Lancelot, so she likely won't be as expensive.
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