Super Bowl Sunday Off Field Injuries

Posted Jan 30, 2009 by Bob Ewing
One minute you are cheering on your favourite team and the next you are choking on a chicken wing and hoping someones Knows what to do.
Plate of chicken wings
A chicken wing shortage is striking the U.S.
photo by rick
The players are not the only ones who may get injured on Super Bowl Sunday.
“I’ve seen a number of injuries, some fatal, occur on Super Bowl Sunday because people often pay more attention to the game than to their health and safety,” said Dr. Jeff Kalina, associate director of emergency medicine at The Methodist Hospital in Houston.
“The ER is usually busy after the game and we expect it to be no different this Sunday.”
Game Day may see an increase in drunken driving accidents and stomach ailments because of the mixture of alcohol and junk food.
Another, all too common Super Bowl complaint, is related to holding in all the liquid you have consumed. If you drink too much and fail to get up and go to the bathroom you can develop a problem called urinary retention, a condition where the bladder gets so full that the muscles are not strong enough to generate a stream.
“During most sporting events people will get up and use the restroom during the commercials and not have any problem,” Kalina said.
“However, most of the time the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl, so we have seen people who have to come in and have a catheter put in to relieve themselves.”
Domestic violence cases also go up on Super Bowl Sunday.
“There is a lot of testosterone flying around during the Super Bowl. You mix that with alcohol and underlying relationship problems and you have a recipe for disaster,” Kalina said.
“If a woman is in a relationship where this is happening, it might be best to stay away from the house or party on Sunday.”
Some of the cases Kalina has seen include: a man so drunk he broke his teeth trying to open a beer bottle, to people who threw out their backs by abruptly standing to cheer; to one guy so unhappy with his losing team that he threw his television out the window of his third floor apartment. Luckily no one was on the street below.
“People have to remember that the Super Bowl is just a game,” Kalina said.