Obama Administration Does Not Look To Kid Around

Posted Jan 21, 2009 by Can Tran
On Day Two as United States President, Barack Obama has gotten extremely busy. His first act as the new US President is to freeze the salaries of high-paid White House aides.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama.
Photo by David Katz
It is Day Two of the administration of United States President Barack Obama. In a sense it is Day One. But, it is Day Two. Yesterday does count as Day One as Obama’s administration got very busy in the White House. A good number of Obama’s senate appointments were confirmed. His Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel signed a memorandum to all government agencies and departments to halt all pending regulations.
The White House website even received a massive makeover. This is the first sign that Obama’s administration got very busy. Today, Obama and his administration continued to get to work. Obama’s first public move would be to place new limits on lobbyists. Lobbyists in the White House will have new limits. However, this new move does not only apply to lobbyists. It also affects White House aides. White House aides with high salaries will have them frozen.
If you are a White House aide and make over $100,000 a year, you will not be getting those pay increases. In that regard, it will be tough luck for those aides? How will those aides react? We will wait and find out.
Families are tightening their belts, and so should Washington,” Obama said. The aides affected will include his staff and cabinet. That would mean Rahm Emanuel and others in Obama’s administration will end up with a freeze in their salaries.
For the lobbyists, it is a serious matter. Aides that leave the administration will be legally barred from trying to influence the Obama administration. In a sense, the aides cannot be used and recruited after leaving their positions to influence Obama’s Presidency. What effects will this have? We will have to wait and find out.
Aides will not be allowed to work on those same matters.
For lobbyists, they are not allowed to give any gifts to anybody in his administration. In this regard, it is highly likely that Obama is not kidding around. Overall, aides and lobbyists will probably be feeling this for awhile.
This is possibly a taste of things to come in Obama’s administration. His administration is definitely getting busy. In the sense, it looks like Obama is putting people’s “jewels” in a vice-grip.