Op-Ed: Barack Obama Unites the World in Prayer

Posted Jan 20, 2009 by Janice Ambrose
Today's historical inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America was without doubt a huge success. But then again, we did not expect anything less from the Americans.
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Although the podium seemed a little overcrowded there was room for everyone attending. The president elect and his wife Michelle and children were very happy on this very special occasion, and the viewers could see everyone extremely well.
The millions of people attending was mind boggling. A site well worth seeing on what appeared to be quite a chilly day.
The speeches went down very well and everyone appeared to listening intently. What stands out the most is the American people get involved and attended these functions with great gusto and really showed their support for their country. This in itself shows how strong and united the American people are.
My favourite part was when the 'Lords Prayer' was prayed. You could have heard a pin drop. And most importantly of all the prayer went out to the whole world. I felt very moved and honoured to be apart of this, albeit via my television. How often is the The Lords Prayer said by millions of people all across the world at the same time?
Strangely it took a man of mixed colour to make this happen.
It made me sit up and think. Did it you too?