Cargo ship spills 1,700 tonnes of timber in English Channel

Posted Jan 20, 2009 by Kesavan Unnikrishnan
Over 1,700 tonnes of timber is floating in the English Channel off Kent after a Russian cargo ship shed part of its load in rough seas. The timber may be washed up on the coast at Dungeness at some time on Wednesday.
The Russian registered Sinegorsk was carrying timber from Russia heading towards Alexandria, Egypt. Strong winds resulted in rough seas in which the ship developed a 15 degree list prompting the crew to shed part of its cargo.The ship which has 25 crew on board, is reportedly out of rough seas now.
The British Maritime and Coastguard Agency said it is keeping a close eye on the debris floating in the sea and all other ships are warned about the potential threat. According to it, a coast guard tug is being sent to monitor the drift of the floating timber.
The MCA spokeswoman said
The crew on board also began to take ballast water into the vessel's starboard side to help even the list, which has reduced her list to 10 degrees. We thought at first the debris were moving towards Brighton and Hastings, but now it’s looking to go round Dungeness. It may actually avoid the coastline entirely and go on up through the Dover strait.
The incident comes exactly one year after a Greek registered ship abandoned 2,000 tonnes of timber off the coast of Dorset. Later, the debris were washed ashore along the Sussex coast.