Oklahoma Man Kills Children, But He's No Casey Anthony

Posted Jan 14, 2009 by Carol Forsloff
Men who kill children are often not treated with the same degree of interest. The public is fascinated over mothers who kill, but not fathers. This man killed four children.
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This is a terrible crime, but it likely won't last on the news as much as the case against Casey Anthony who is being held in jail pending a trial for killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. While everyone reads and listens to everything about the Anthony case, why not this one?
Joshua Steven Durcho, 25, was arrested after a one-vehicle crash in Texas after being found wanted for the killing of his girlfriend and her four children. Newspaper reports state that he had been in and out of jail many times for auto theft, drug possession and other crimes. His girlfriend, Summer Garas, was reported to be very intelligent and the kind of person who was cautious and locked her door when she was alone. Kirsten, Autumn, Teagin and Evynn were the children found dead with their mother. All were seven years old or younger.
Garas was known as a loving individual as reported in the press and a student at a community college. She and Durcho had what was described as an unstable relationship.
In this case the name of the children's natural father was not reported. Durcho may not have been the natural father but still the killing of a child appears to be handled differently by the press, as in the case of a Susan Smith or Casey Anthony. Natural fathers may hang a child over a highway and drop that child to its death, something that is talked about for a few days, but mothers have more press, at least in terms of how recent news has indicated in the case of Anthony in Florida and those who have examined such cases. Some authors believe that the reason women are treated differently than men has to do with bigotry and how the culture views the relationship with the child in the family in terms of mother and father. Men are seen as more distant and therefore not having the same connection, according to those who have studied this issue.
Cases like this involving killing children are always notorious. This one was in the news today. Who knows how long it will remain and whether or not it will secure the same type of audience that the Anthony case did or any other involving a mother killing her own children or the children of others.