New Effort for Protecting the Heart

Posted Jan 14, 2009 by Bodhisattva Banerji
As the world experiences new wave heart related illnesses, the doctors are coming out with the new efforts aimed at lowering down the heart attacks.
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There are some familiar methods such as, not smoking, controlling cholesterol, controlling the blood pressure, regular exercising and finally continuing at a healthy weight. Though it seems that these are not enough to control the heart diseases. And thus as the doctors suggested there are some few more ways that need to be followed while controlling the heart in a much more effective manner. The ways thus suggested have their basis on the biochemical reasons behind most of the heart attacks. This new way of suggestion is placing lesser importance on both the diet as well as exercise.
In detail, there are some well-established risk factors behind heart disease that remain integral in this study as well, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, abdominal obesity and finally the sedentary style of living. However, as the doctors point out there has been a completely new revelation in the emergence of high blood levels of artery-damaging cholesterol behind heart related diseases. The factor in such development is C-reactive protein which is better known as CRP. As the study shows this is a blood-borne marker of inflammation that, along with various coagulation factors, remain one of the most known driving forces behind clots that block blood-flow to the heart and thereby causing severe damage.
The doctors have pointed out to the fact that even in those with normal cholesterol could suffer from the heart risk if the CRP gets elevated. While taking on the matter, Dr. Michael Ozner, the medical director of the Cardiovascular Prevention Institute of South Florida, stated that he considered that while checking the cholesterol the patients should check the high-sensitivity CRP.