Israeli Tourists Flock to Border to Watch Gaza Killings

Posted Jan 13, 2009 by Chris V. Thangham
Tourists are flocking to the Gaza border to witness the Israeli aerial and ground bombardment of Gaza. They are bringing their families and binoculars to witness the attacks.
Loay Soboh 8  bombed in a car in Gaza
Eight-year-old Loay Soboh was bombed in his car in Gaza. One of his relatives was killed in the attack
Photo by Sameh A. Habeeb
The war rages on Gaza for the 17th day in a row with at least 800 dead so far. One-third of the victims are children. SPIEGEL, the German newspaper, says Gazan streets smell of death. There is, however, one industry thriving -- tourism in Israel.
Tourists are flocking to the borders of Gaza and Israel in large numbers to witness the aerial and ground assault of the Israeli Army. They are bringing their children and families and enjoying a picnic at Parash Hill, a natural reserve in southern Israel.
Parash Hill is usually a nice vacation spot for tourists to enjoy the breaks from real life but now it is becoming a place to gather with their families and watch the destruction unfold.
Some of the tourists, like the one in the video, calls herself a little “Fascist” justify the Israeli attacks and deaths of Palestinian children. They say “when they grow up they’ll also be terrorists”.
Karen Levy, a Real Estate Agent says in the video about Gaza:
They vhose Hamas to rule them, it's their fault, they got it to where it is now.
And when the German reporter asks her: Don't you think it gets worse bombing them?
Levy replies:
No I think that is the only solution, I think they should just clear off all the city, just take it off the ground.
But not all Jews approve of this place. One calls Parash Hill as “Hill of Shame”.
Eran Shalev, 27, a student told Times Online:
People in Israel are addicted to violence...The way we try to resolve everything with force is not the right way to do it.
The Times says the Gaza war has become the newest spectator sport in Parash Hill, Israel.