Missing Officer Staged His Own Disappearance

Posted Jan 6, 2009 by Nikki Weingartner
Update: Sgt. Faron White was found Monday night alive at a Las Vegas hotel. He was placed under arrest for theft. The veteran organized crime chief was reported missing and endangered on Saturday following signs of a struggle.
In an update to a story released yesterday regarding a missing Decatur, Alabama police chief, he was found alive and well in a Las Vegas hotel and was placed under arrest.
According to the Associated Press:
Sgt. Faron White is accused of staging a vanishing act to cover up a theft of $2,500 from his police department in the northern Alabama city of Decatur.
White had gone missing from his office, reportedly seen last some time before midnight on Friday. Signs of a struggle were said to be evident. His family reported him missing on Saturday morning and a multi-department search followed.
Sarah Richardson, a 29-year-old Decatur woman was also arrested in the case on charges of helping White flee the state.
Seems like its going to take a lot more than the stolen $2,500 to make things right this time!