Elsie Aslett Is Four Days Younger Than She Thought

Posted Dec 24, 2008 by KJ Mullins
For 99 years Elsie Aslett has been celebrating her birthday on the wrong day. She discovered the error when her family asked her to receive a telegram from Queen Elizabeth.
Birthday candles
paraffin-made candles
For Elsie's entire life she had been blowing out the candles on December 14. It was only when she looked at her birth certificate this year that she noticed that her true date of birth was December 18, 1908.
It's believed her mum Elizabeth White had too many kids to keep track of the actual birthday of her eighth child Ananova reports:
Elsie's daughter Brenda, said: "It was a complete surprise to her. Everyone always told her she was born on the 14th. Apparently her mum was rather fond of a drink so she may have been a bit confused."