Wolf In Poster’s Clothing: A New Thrifty Twist on an Old Fable

Posted Dec 21, 2008 by M Dee Dubroff
Du Hebing, a clever Chinese shepherd, has become quite an online hit with his thrifty way to control his flock of sheep. He uses the picture of a “wolf” instead of a sheepdog to herd them, and it works. Read on for more about these stupid sheep.
According to news sources, discovering the man holding the picture of the wolf occurred completely by chance when a reporter who was on his way home from visiting a popular animal park saw a group of sheep walking along the road with a man holding a picture following behind them.
The reporter said:
“The man was using the wolf picture to scare the sheep and drive them ahead. It was a really funny scene. Maybe he was just trying to save some money by not buying a sheepdog, but he is obviously a talented shepherd.”
I’ll say!
What do YOU think?
For a picture of our thrifty shepherd in China, go to the link provided above.