The Running Of The Pumpkins In Boulder, Colorado

Posted Nov 2, 2008 by KJ Mullins
About a dozen people ran down a Boulder, colorado street donning only a pumpkin on their head Friday night. The annual Naked Pumpkin Run drew the tickets from the police for a dozen unlucky streakers.
Police are saying that their action was needed to keep order on the streets but the residents aren't that happy about the charges of indecent exposure.
The Daily Camera quotes police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley:
"We were getting concerned about the large number of participants," Huntley said Saturday. "We were very well staffed (Friday) night. We had the resources to enforce this."
Friday marked the 10th run of the naked pumpkin heads. The police nabbed who they could but like speeders in cars the fastest made a clean get away.
Locals though think that the police could focus their concerns on more important crimes that plague the city such as a gang rape and assault that had happened earlier in the day.
"If it is 11 at night and there are no kids around, let them do it," said Boulder resident Don Leach, interviewed along the Pearl Street Mall about 12 hours after the run. "Am I in favor of people running around naked? No. But police shouldn't get too excited about it."
Still the chance to outrun the police may add to the excitement next year. Says White Boulder resident Sam Rosenberg, who didn't don a pumpkin head this time around.
"I think the number of runners will continue to grow as it gains popularity," he said. "This kind of adds to the excitement and thrill of the run."