Remember The Lady Who Was Found Stuck To The Toilet? Her Ex-Beau Is Now Loaded

Posted Oct 15, 2008 by Nikki Weingartner
The boyfriend of the Kansas woman found adhesed to a toilet after sitting for two years has won $20,000 US in the state lottery - for the second time this year. Although the the man was convicted of mistreatment in the case, he was sentenced to probation.
money for nothing
Toilet roll
How can we forget the tale of the Kansas woman who had sat on the pot for two years, as reported here on DJ back in March of this year. Despite her suffering from possible mental illness and having to undergo treatment in an intensive care unit, Kory McFarren, her boyfriend at the time, did not do any jail time in connection with the case.
In fact, he plead no contest to a misdemeanor charge of mistreating a dependent adult and although the judge originally sentenced him to six months behind bars, the victim, Pam Babcock, asked for leniency and McFarren received six months of probation. He was sentenced to prison on an unrelated sex charge.
Pam Babcock was released earlier this year and was appointed a guardian through a legal department at the hospital to which she had been admitted.
Now, just a few months since his release, McFarren's luck has turned to the Irish as reported by FOX.
Kory McFarren of Ness City cashed in his winning $2 Bonus Crossword ticket in Great Bend Monday.
And apparently, this was the second time he had won the lottery prize of: $20,000 US.
So lets see, exposing himself to a teenager and mistreating a dependent adult has Mr. McFarren oozing $40,000 into the black for 2008. Some things just don't make sense.