Could Article Of Clothing Found Be That Of Caylee Anthony? Possible Evidence Leak

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Nikki Weingartner
A new discovery that has been leaked out in the case of the missing Florida toddler, Caylee Anthony, may be the connecting piece in the crime. Caylee has been missing since June but test results revealed a strong possibility the little girl is dead.
Caylee Marie Anthony
Caylee Anthony went missing in June 2008 and her body was found months later.
Orange County Sheriff's Office
After a wild roller coaster ride involving the missing toddler, Caylee Anthony, a new piece of evidence may have been discovered.
In an interview with Nancy Grace, some very direct questions were asked that required a yes or no answer and Tim Miller, the head of Texas EquuSearch, answers them. Miller admits that the discovery was indeed an article of clothing that was "An article of clothing that is very, very similar to an article of clothing that Caylee was wearing at one time and there is a picture of it." He also stated that there have been several articles of clothing found and sent to the lab for analysis and that this piece of clothing would also follow the same protocol.
Nancy Grace then asks Mr. Miller if the item was a child size 6 dress that Caylee Anthony had been known to have at some time and he answered simply "yes." However, when Grace asked him if he believed if the size 6 would be a size that a 2 or 3-year-old would wear, Miller did state that he didn't "think so" but Grace finalized that question stating that "according to our research, the answer is in fact yes" that a child of that age would wear a dress size 6.
Miller stated that the dress was discovered along the side of a road in a wooded area in some bushes where airport activity was happening, also known as the Orlando Regional Airport.
The Grand Jury meets today and Casey Anthony's father is said to be the only individual who will be testifying against Caylee's mother according to a local news report:
George Anthony has told detectives in the past that his daughter's behavior was odd during the days following Caylee's disappearance.
Anthony's attorney will not be allowed to call for witness testimony during the Grand Jury proceedings and once all evidence is presented, jurors will determine if there is enough to indict Casey on murder charges.
According to another report, some of the evidence that will be used in today's Grand Jury include:
Caylee was last seen in mid-June but was not reported missing until mid-July. Even with no body, the state plans to charge Anthony in connection with the death of her child.
Anthony was recently named a suspect in her daughter's disappearance after evidence allegedly showed a dead body was inside Anthony's car.
Air samples taken from the trunk of the car indicated a dead body was present, investigators said. Cadaver dogs also alerted on the car, according to investigators.
In addition, FBI results showed that a hair sample taken from the trunk of the car likely belonged to Caylee, Local 6 News reported. High levels of chloroform were also found inside the trunk, according to the report.
Anthony was previously charged with child neglect in her daughter's disappearance.
A few days ago, judge in the case granted several motions that will allow the defense team access to key information and testing of evidence.
[UPDATE] Casey Anthony was indicted for First Degree Murder, according to the Grand Jury decision just a few moments ago.