Texas Librarian Shot And Killed At Local Community College Library

Posted Oct 13, 2008 by Nikki Weingartner
A full-time community college librarian in Texas was shot and killed by another man who worked part-time at the library this afternoon. The shooting happened at the college campus which was located in the northern part of San Antonio, Texas.
Another college campus shooting has taken place yet this one may have some kind of internal jealousy or work related issues associated with it.
According to news reports in the San Antonio area, a 38-year-old male librarian at Northeast Lakeview College was shot and killed by a 62-year-old man who also works part-time at the library. No names or witness accounts were provided as of yet.
Details of the shooting were vague other than it happened around 2:15 pm in the college library and the suspect was taken into police custody.
There have been no other reports of injuries.
Classes have been cancelled thru Tuesday, October 14 according to the campus website.
[Update] Devin Zimmerman was the man that was shot and killed in today's incident. According to a San Antonio news article, Eric Reno, the president of the college said in an interview that:
he knew both men, and that the shooter showed no signs of instability. The gunman had worked part-time at the library off and on since 2003, and Zimmerman had worked there since Fall 2007, Reno said.
One of the students in the library at the time of the shooting was quoted as saying that people began “freaking out and screaming” when it all went down. Zimmerman was described as a "very nice guy" who helped students out with questions.
The killer's name has not yet been revealed.
[Update #2] Another news report describing the incident identifies Devin Zimmerman as 37-years-old.
The shooter's name was not revealed in that report, but it did say that he was an adjunct librarian and that following the shooting, he sat down after the shooting and waited to be arrested. Despite being taken into custody, the unidentified shooter has not yet been charged.
According to the library website provided in the link above, there are four staff members named as adjunct librarians, three of which have female names and one male name, Alan Godin. However, this does not confirm or imply that any of these individuals were involved in yesterday's shooting in any way.