Breaking news: Toronto's College Station closed because of a suspicious package

Posted Oct 11, 2008 by Bart B. Van Bockstaele
Toronto's College subway station was closed on Friday night because a suspicious package has been found inside the station. People are not allowed inside.
Police cars on Toronto s Carlton Street
Suspicious package found at Toronto's College Subway Station
Bart B. Van Bockstaelr
I was at the station a few minutes ago, and saw that everything was closed off. There were several police cars, a truck from the emergency task force and several television network vans, including City TV and Global.
I was told that a suspicious package had been found, and that it was being checked out. Nobody knew yet what is was, but it was considered serious enough to close the subway station. People cannot get in, the shutters have been closed.
Apparently, trains do pass through the station but they do not stop there. The situation will remain like that until the perceived danger has been eliminated.
So, if you are travelling by subway in Toronto tonight, and you do want to get out at College, you're out of luck. You can get out at Dundas station or at Wellesley station, respectively the stops south and north of College.
Update: service at the station was resumed shortly after midnight.