Op-Ed: Sarah Palin Becomes Comedy's Biggest Target

Posted Oct 6, 2008 by BossBlogger
Each and every move Sarah Palin makes can, and most likely will, turn into the next comedy sketch on television. The more TV appearances Sarah Palin makes, the easier it gets for comedians.
Sarah Palin walking onto the stage at the Republican Convention
Sarah Palin walking onto the stage at the Republican Convention
by NewsHour
The writers of Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report are soon realizing Sarah Palin has become one of the easiest targets. One day doesn't go by without at least one joke about Palin. Though the Vice Presidential running mate with John McCain initially caused controversy by just entering in the race with McCain, since then she has been on every television channel with someone making fun of her.
One of the prime examples of comedy taking its toll on Sarah Plain was when Tina Fey was in a sketch with Amy Poehler where Tina played Sarah Palin and Amy played Hillary Clinton. This sketch was not only one of the most hilarious sketches put together by Saturday Night Live, but it also catapulted a variety of Sarah Palin-based sketches on YouTube.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are also prime examples of the Sarah Palin-based comedic acts. Each show that each of these Comedy Central stars put on each night has at least two quips aimed at Palin because of something she may have said in a news conference or interview. Seems like everything Palin says is either funny from the get go or just ridiculous enough to turn into a joke.
Whether some agree or disagree with actions these television shows have taken to target Sarah Palin for their comedy sketches, she has helped in giving these shows something to talk about. There's nothing wrong with making fun of presidential candidates or presidents since Bill Clinton and George Bush continually are used as comedy sketch characters to this day. Palin may just be one of the most famous VP candidates just because of all the fun being poked at her on a daily basis.
In honor of comedy and Sarah Palin, Saturday Night Live put together their version of the Vice Presidential Candidate Debate. If you've enjoyed other sketches targeting Palin then you'll love this more than any other.