Ben&Jerry's, Greenpeace Introduce US Citizens To The First Greenfreezer

Posted Oct 5, 2008 by Angelique van Engelen
Ben&Jerry’s struck up a deal with the Environmental Protection Agency to bring out the US' very first eco friendly deepfreezers. If all goes to plan, ordinary citizens soon will be able to buy the machines as well.
SolarChill refrigerator
The solar panel and vaccinators inspecting vaccines in a SolarChill refrigerator. Photos from SolarChill field tests at Girisobo, Cuba.
The aptly named Greenfreeze runs on virtually zero hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and was inaugurated in Ben&Jerry's Georgetown parlor hours ago by the owners of the shop. Ben&Jerry’s is testing out 2,000 Greenfreezers across the US.
F-gas free deepfreezers are highly popular around the world with 40% of all freezers running on it, but US authorities still outlaw it. Cleantechnica reports that HFCs and other fluorinated gases are “the most dangerous greenhouse gases that you’ve probably never heard of."
That's probably true but it won't be the case for much longer. Greenpeace, which is sponsoring the Ben&Jerry project, has launched a campaign to promote the Greenfreezer. The organization hopes that US citizens will take it on board like Europeans and other countries have done already. It’s Greenpeace’s goal to completely replace F-gas emitting freezers in American homes and businesses.