McCain More Internet Friendly than Obama?

Posted Oct 3, 2008 by Barbara Sowell
A proposal by the Open Debate Coalition, to allow the public to submit questions directly to the candidates without media filtering, has been endorsed by the McCain-Palin Campaign. The Obama campaign has not responded.
From left: Cindy McCain  John McCain and vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin
From left: Cindy McCain, John McCain and vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin
Courtesy of John McCain campaign
Last week Broadcasting & Cable reported that both sides of the political spectrum want more Internet-friendly debates. They called upon the campaigns of both presidential candidates to respond to their request, but so far only McCain has responded.
Groups from both Democratic and Republican sides of the isle have pledged to hold more Internet-friendly debates which would require ground rules for the release of rights to video footage from the media for “sharing, blogging and posting”.
"This 'bubble-up' idea is the essence of the Internet as we know it," they wrote. "The best ideas rise to the top, and the wisdom of crowds prevails. We'd propose debate organizers utilize existing bubble-up voting technology and choose Internet questions from the top 25 that bubbled up. We ask you to instruct the Oct. 7 debate planners to use bubble-up technology in this fashion."
A number of groups and individuals have signed the letter. These include Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, American Solutions,, Free Press, etc.
According to the Los Angeles Times, Trevor Potter, general counsel of the McCain campaign sent a supportive letter Wednesday to the Open Debate Coalition. The letter supports the idea that the public needs to have a larger role in the selection of questions to be asked.
"We also believe that Americans--including the campaigns themselves--should be able to 'debate the debates' using all available tools on the Internet and elsewhere, including blogs, web-video services and other means."
The Los Angeles Times also found it ironic that McCain should be the first to respond since it has taken some hits for being less tech-savvy than Obama’s campaign.
The complete text of the McCain letter can be read here.