Live Blog: McCain and Obama Face Off in Second Presidential Debate

Posted Oct 7, 2008 by Chris Hogg
McCain & Obama
Democratic Presidential Nominee, Senator Barack Obama participates in the first presidential debate with Senator McCain at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS.
Photo by David Katz/Obama for America
U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain take to the stage in their second debate. has live coverage of the historical event, so tune in, hear from the candidates and share your thoughts. This is live at 9 p.m.
Digital Journal -- Blogging live with citizen journalists and commenters, has seen thousands and thousands of people turnout to its live coverage of the first U.S. presidential debate, the U.S. vice presidential debate and the Canadian federal leaders debate.
Tonight, beginning at 9 p.m. EDT, Obama and McCain face off in their second debate. As the only official Town Hall Debate, tonight's debate is taking place at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Scroll to the bottom of this article for live coverage. The debate is moderated by NBC's Tom Brokaw and it will feature wide-ranging questions provided by undecided voters in the area and questions sent in by email.
Joining in today's coverage are citizen journalists Paul Wallis, Samantha Torrence and Robert Miller.
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