Dutch Prostitutes to Earn Street Miles

Posted Oct 2, 2008 by Michelle Duffy
Prostitutes working in Dutch cities are to be awarded good behaviour points. The scheme is to encourage women off the streets and into better employment. As opposed to air miles, these ladies can collect 'street miles'
Amsterdam s Red Light Distrct.
Amsterdam's Red Light Distrct.
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The scheme seems to good to be true on the surface, and it should be enough to tempt women out of the oldest job in history and into better jobs and better lives, yet we have to wonder if it will only encourage them to stay on the street corners., and deter them away from getting a better job.
The scheme will award ladies of the night, street miles by the City Hall so that they can buy better things for themselves like designer clothes, other goods and furniture for their own homes.
Yet there is a minor catch. They must pledge to take part in a further project to help other prostitutes to come away from the streets and in to a better job, thus encouraging them to find a better and safer lifestyle. To earn these miles, they must be seen to be taking part in educational pursuits and workshops which enable them to find better jobs.
At the same time, these cities are homing in on the red light districts where the women operate and close them down making it harder for prostitutes to work. In the city of Eindhoven, for instance, the council plan to close the district down completely by 2011.
Speaking in favour of the project, the Dutch prostitutes union, the Red Thread say that the plan will most certainly mean women will come off the streets, make better lives for themselves and their families and deter them from going back to the profession. The City Hall have said that they think that the project will also tackle other social issues which find their home on the streets.
Stores where the women can buy their items in return for the street miles are places like the Eindhoven Design Academy and the International School of Design in Cologne.