Bionic lens will restore vision in five years

Posted Sep 12, 2008 by Chris V. Thangham
British scientists have developed prototype flexible artificial lens that can restore perfect vision to long- and short-sighted people by replacing their defective eye lens. Researchers plan to market this bionic lens within the next five years.
Professor James Wolffsohn of Aston University, has created this prototype lens and is working with optics companies to produce these lenses for the markets.
Current technologies provide contact lens that are either disposable on a weekly or yearly basis. Previously they offered hard lens but soft lens has replaced it and are widely used now. It requires the contact lens replacement every year.
There are laser surgeries in the market that fixes eye problems by altering the shape of the lens, but in the long run the patients may still end up with long-sighted problems as their eye lens ages. Some may require another surgery, as well.
The bionic lens offers a permanent solution and restores perfect vision. It will fix both long- and short-sighted problems, according to Wolffshohn.
The lens will be commercially available within the next five years and patients can restore their vision permanently for less than £1,000 ($1,749).
I think every one with eyesight problems would love to have this if this technology works without any side effects or maintenance.